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stop aquatic hiitchhikers

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Zebra Mussels: Shells Cut Feet PQ HD SQ YT
Zebra Mussels: Reduce Fish Populations PQ HD SQ YT
Flowering Rush: Hurts Recreation PQ HD SQ YT
Spiny Waterfleas: Tangle Fishing Lines PQ HD SQ YT
Eurasian Watermilfoil: Fouls Lakes PQ HD SQ YT
Inspect your Watercraft: It's the Law PQ HD SQ YT
Waterfowl Hunters: Do Your Part PQ HD SQ YT
Transferring Bait: Steps to Prevent Aquatic Invasive Species Transfer PQ HD SQ YT
Zebra Mussels: Cause Boat Motor Damage PQ HD SQ YT
Personal Watercraft Recreationists: Do Your Part PQ HD SQ YT
Aquatic Invasive Species Overview: Clean, Drain, Dry PQ HD SQ YT

Video Formats

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In the download table above, the links for Youtube take you to the video on the Youtube site. For the other three video quality options the links are direct links to the video file themselves and these links do not interface with any special download protocol. Due to the size of all files, including the lower standard quality option, it is suggested that you use the "Save target as:" option. Put your cursor on the link, click the right mouse key, and then select "Save target as" from the menu.

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