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stop aquatic hiitchhikers

Help stop the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species such as zebra mussels, flowering rush, Eurasian watermilfoil, and spiny water fleas in MN by sharing and promoting a free MN aquatic invasive species public service announcement series.

Series Developed and Directed By:

Pelican River Watershed District (About)


RMB Environmental Laboratories (About)


These public service announcements were made possible through funding from:

University of Minnesota Central Region Sustainable Development Partnership (website)
MN Department of Natural Resources- Invasive Species Program (website)
Detroit Lakes Area Community Foundation (website)
Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (website)
Pelican Lake Property Owners Association (website)
Otter Tail COLA (website)
Natural Innovations (website)
Hubbard COLA (website)
An anonymous donor

This website provided by Natural Innovations (About)

Site by Denis Mudderman

Public Service Announcements and Descriptions

Title Description
Zebra Mussels: Shells Cut Feet Zebra mussels foul beaches. Their sharp shells cut feet and hurt pets.
Zebra Mussels: Reduce Fish Populations Zebra mussels disrupt the food chain and reduce fish populations.
Flowering Rush: Hurts Recreation Flowering rush fouls beaches and hurts swimming and boating.
Spiny Waterfleas: Tangle Fishing Lines Spiny water fleas tangle fishing line and are a nuisance to the anglers.
Eurasian Watermilfoil: Fouls Lakes Eurasian watermilfoil fouls and chokes lakes creating stagnant mosquito havens.
Inspect your Watercraft: It's the Law It’s the law to inspect your watercraft thoroughly for a aquatic invasive species before leaving the access.
Waterfowl Hunters: Do Your Part Waterfowl hunters are doing their part to stop the spread of aquatic invasive species.
Transferring Bait: Steps to Prevent Aquatic Invasive Species Transfer Learn easy steps to transfer bait correctly and help stop the spread of aquatic invasive species.
Zebra Mussels: Cause Boat Motor Damage Zebra mussel cause dock, boat and boat motor damage.
Personal Watercraft Recreationists: Do Your Part Personal watercraft recreationists are following steps to stop the spread of aquatic invasive species.
Aquatic Invasive Species Overview: Clean, Drain, Dry Help stop the spread of aquatic invasive species like zebra mussels, flowering rush, Eurasian watermilfoil, and spiny water fleas in Minnesota

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Pelican River Watershed

The Pelican River Watershed District was established in 1966 by community leaders to restore and maintain the health of waters located in the watershed. The watershed in located in Becker and Ottertail Counties and covers roughly 160 square miles.

RMB Environmental Labs

Committed to our passion for water quality, RMB Environmental Laboratories believes that outreach is one of the keys to maintaining and improving water quality. Since 1995, RMB has been a pioneer in developing and implementing citizen-focused monitoring and educational programs throughout the state of Minnesota. In 2010, our communications staff recognized a local, regional and national need for updated public awareness to address the ever growing concerns surrounding AIS. Support and funding was sought to begin this journey through the creation of a PSA video series. The series is directed at the public sector to educate and increase awareness about how AIS affects everyone and how we all can play a role in the protection of our waters from the spread of AIS. Several organizations and agencies recognized the need and shared the passion for this project and with their support the videos became a success. RMB is proud to have managed and directed this project with direction and collaboration from the Pelican River Watershed District. By spearheading the development of this Aquatic Invasive Species video series, we hope to empower citizens to protect their lakes for future generations.

Natural Innovations

Natural Innovations' mission is to inspire, model and teach people to become lifelong stewards of the earth. Natural Innovations is a community-driven organization committed to assisting individuals and organizations in developing a better understanding of how the health of humans and the environment are interrelated. We are also working to strengthen networking and collaboration among environmental professionals and organizations. Our focus area: Becker County and beyond – a unique transition zone where prairie lands meet the west-central lakes region of Minnesota.

Natural Innovations, 17561 Otto Zeck Road, Detroit Lakes, MN 56501